“I’ve Got An Appointment!” is the newest educational card game. Have fun while learning days of the week, months, seasons and time of day. This game was created by a mom for families, teachers, therapists and MORE! “I’ve Got An Appointment” can give families the perfect opportunity to spend quality time together. It also provides teachers with an exciting way to engage their class, foster creativity and encourage teamwork. It also gives therapists a positive way to connect with their clients. Great for home schooling. The endless possibilities are just at your fingertips!!!

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Tina McQuillen
Tina McQuillen Mom
As a child I told my mom that I didn’t know how to read a clock and didn’t know the calendar concepts while I was on holiday. After playing this game over the long break I learned the seasons; days of week and time of day. It was fun and when I went back to school I felt so much smarter. I now have 2 children and they too will benefit from having the advantage of knowing these concepts.

Match Game

Screenshot 9

There are currently two ways to play at the match type game both using only 12 cards from the I’ve Got an Appointment beginner deck. For the younger players 3 and up use the 12 Season/Month cards, the cards with the pictures. Place them face down 3 x 4 grid and then ask them to find the 3 months within the season. I would first show them the matching cards so they have a visual of what they are looking for. When they match the three months within the season they win the cards. When all the cards are won the winner is the player with the most matches. The next game plays same way but uses one set (color) of a Season/Month; Day of the week and time card. 3 card match, 4 different seasons, as shown.

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Beginner Game


Be the first player to have a 3 card combination, one each (Season/Month; day of Week; Time) of the same color. The Season/Month Cards are hard to get so try to build on them when you get one!

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Junior Game


Same as Beginner Game with “MAIL” card.  Each player that draws or was dealt a “MAIL” card must pick up his mail first in their turn by first declaring “MAIL CALL” then discard card to the main discard pile face up and then pick up a “GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS” card and follow the directions.

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Deluxe Game


The Appointment Deck (16 cards) is added on the side.  The game plays the same as the Junior game but when players make appoints the game is not over but a round is won.  The player picks the “Appointment” card from the “Appointment” deck that matches the appointment made, and places it face up.  No other players can make the same appointment.  The game is over when all the appointment cards are won and the player with the most appointments wins the game.

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