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AnneMohr Hello, my name is Anne Mohr. I have a background in creating highly automated database systems and while on holiday my daughter’s needs stimulated me to create a card game to help her learn. The seasons of the year; and months within each season wasn’t easy for her to remember. She also asked me to help her with telling time. After giving it some thought I came up with this game. The type of games that I create fosters thinking outside the box. My plan is to give each child an opportunity to express their creativity by coming up with a different way to play my game. My way of thinking is that children can have fun and learn at the same time. I found this to be a great way to spend quality time with them. Children do love to learn in a more relaxed environment.

Adults shared with me that playing this game was really fun for them too. They didn’t find it juvenile; at all; even though it was developed to help children learn. The expressions; especially in children; have been priceless when I told them about becoming a version author, just by coming up with a different way to play the game. Children do love playing their version best. Let’s explore together what your child comes up with.

Education and fun was the main purpose for this card game’s development but it became much more. I think you will agree that the many concepts built into this compact 3 games in 1 will keep your child learning and having fun for many years to come.  I decided to market this game because I felt other parents and children could benefit and have so much fun in the process.

Many versions are submitted giving you a library of different ways to play with these cards. I’m seeing versions of versions starting as well, which is great!

I will leave you with just one of the versions that I played at a daycare with preschool children. I took the 12 season/month cards from the main deck and showed them that each season had the same picture on it and there were 3 months within each season. I even went on to associate a feeling with each season making it more fun. When I showed them the winter card I wrapped my arms around myself and said “COLD”. Then for summer I wiped my brow and said “It’s hot! Fall I moved my fingers to show how leaves fall from the trees. Then for Spring showing them the flowers I used my hands opening my fingers and said “flower popup” in Spring. They really enjoyed the animation to the game.  Then I place the 12 cards face down in a 3×4 grid and ask the child to find the 3 card matching pictures; which in fact; was the 3 months within each season. If they found it I asked them what season it was. I mostly got the “feeling” answer.  I gauge my playing to my audience and it works out very well.

 Get your game today and start having AWESOME fun with your family and friends and let’s see what your version will be. Thanks for listening!

~ Anne Mohr

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Tina McQuillen
Tina McQuillen Mom
As a child I told my mom that I didn’t know how to read a clock and didn’t know the calendar concepts while I was on holiday. After playing this game over the long break I learned the seasons; days of week and time of day. It was fun and when I went back to school I felt so much smarter. I now have 2 children and they too will benefit from having the advantage of knowing these concepts.