Want to have a live event with the Game’s creator?  Need a fun and educational Fund Raiser? You’ve come to the right place!

Events are held from 10 AM – 8 PM and we will go a 50 mile radius from where I am located. An event takes about 1 hour long. We will also be happy to supply you with your Event poster; see sample on this page; and we can even assist you with sending out an email about your event if you have an easy accessible formatted list of who you would like to know about the event. Don’t disappoint your group… Schedule your event TODAY in the form below.

Event Testimonial
Event Testimonial Day Care Event
Hello Anne,

Your card game was a big hit and the kids and I enjoy it! I learned something new about some of my students, they are smart and catch on quickly in one fun lesson! I’m looking forward in your next visit! Thanks Again for Jesse and Your great “Team Spirit”

Voloria Manning Director 820 S. Adelle Ave. DeLand, Florida 32720 386-748-9254

We Offer These Great Events!

Are you interested in a Play Group for your children? Participants can enjoy playing an educational card game, and allow them the opportunity to create their own version of the game. If so, then sign up below for your next Play Group. The cost is $30.00 per family, which includes a free autographed game. The game is very scalable and each table will be at a different levels (Pre-Beginner; Beginner; Junior; Deluxe or Version Author) Pre-Beginner will be for the 3yr old in mind. Suggested ages are 3 -12. Parent/guardian presence is required.  For more information click here: PLAY GROUP


Win, Win, Win! Isn’t that what we all want? I’ve made fund raising fun for the whole family because, we actually play the game at the fund raising event. Playing a version of the game shows the value and how easy it is to create a new version where the game never gets old. 3 Games in 1 for a great price of $15.00. At a one day event there are streamlined administration tasks for the event; advertise, help in setting up the PLAY area for the event and collect the funds. For more information click here: ONE DAY FUNDRAISING EVENT


Would you like to try something new the next time you need to come up with entertainment for your children and their friends ages 5 – 12? It has been my experience that they would be very interested in playing my game. You see, I am a Game Author who has created and developed a way where children can express their creativity. My game is called “I’ve Got an Appointment” IGAA, and you will receive a free autographed copy when your party is held. When you hire me for the event I can show them how easy it is to create their very own version of the game while we play mine. For more information click here: PARTY CELEBRATION

party celebration

Easy, just invite your friends over to play a new card game called “I’ve Got an Appointment” IGAA.  At your party we will play my original game 3 games in 1 and some of the other versions created by others. Then to add fun and excitement I have created a very special version designed just for parties called “IGAA LIKE MY PRICE”. It is fun and a great way to entertain your friends. This game teaches decision making (accept the price or request a lower price from your friend). Prices will vary as you will see in the game.  For more information click here: PARTY PLAN FOR CHILDREN

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Anne Mohr also offers exclusive free events held at various group establishments and resorts.  In these special one-hour settings, Anne will entertain and teach your children by playing the game and even autograph purchased copies of the game


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