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Free Game Borads

Level I Game

Level I Game Board

Roll the numbered cube or spin the spinner and move that many spaces, going up and around the TRADE CIRCLE and back down your own season, counting the space with the season name that you are playing in.

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Level 2 Game


Object of the game: To make an appointment of the season you choose to play. Example: If you decided to play from the winter season you are to gather the 3 blue cards, one each (Season/Month – Day and Time) as you move about the board. When you get all three cards you must land by exact count on the HOME Square.

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Level 3 Game

Personalized Game Board

Give each player a Master Season board. Separate the I’ve Got an Appointment 68 card deck into 3 decks Season/Months Days and Time Shuffle and place one card from each deck face up to start the game . 2- 4 players Ages 8+ Object of the Game: To be the first player to complete each of the 4 season appointments and return home.

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